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All of Earth Mission’s various technologies have been copyrighted from day one.

These include written articles, books, eBooks, audio and video items that were produced under the various aspects and copyright protection of Earth Mission which include Earth Mission, Earth Mission Publishing, E.T. Earth Mission, Extraterrestrial Earth Mission, Visionary InterDimensional Masters, The KemDara Entity, Christ Star and the MotherShip StarBase.

Those copyrights were equally shared spiritually ethically and legally by the two primary  planetary members of Earth Mission which I will name for this statement by the final names that they used up to their transition from the physical plane back to the “home office”, these were John and KemDara.

All of the various items were produced under the umbrella of Earth Mission and the copyright owner has always been Earth Mission.  John and KemDara both had the divine mantle of authority to make these materials available and when John left Earth Mission in 1995 all of his copyrights reverted back to Earth Mission and KemDara and those copyrights were then granted to NirBhao in 1995.  In 1996 John’s divine mantle of authority was transferred to NirBhao and in 2002 KemDara’s divine mantle of authority was transferred to NirBhao.

If you are drawn by your spirit to incorporate any of the various Earth Mission, written, audio and or video material into your project please do yourself a favor and write to me detailing what you would like to do and include the materials description and how you would like to utilize it in your project, you may be pleasantly surprised.  

On the other hand if you go ahead without my written permission to use any of the Earth Mission materials you could face *$1000.00 per instance, per day for any unauthorized use. *Under copyright law, the maximum statutory damages for willful infringement is $150,000 per work. Please don’t do that!

NirBhao Singh Khalsa

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